12 Small Updates With Big Impact in a Bathroom

These mini makeovers are the easiest, breeziest ways to refresh your space.

Leveling up your bathroom might sound like a huge undertaking, but the truth is, giving this space a new look you love doesn't have to mean a major reno — or maybe even any reno work at all. (And how nice would it be to get ready every morning with better lighting or an uncluttered countertop?)

The key is to focus on little switch-ups that make a surprisingly big difference and to rely on a solid all-in-one source, like The Home Depot, where you can find all the elements you need to pull it off: vanities, cabinets, lighting, hardware, accessories, and more. Still not sure you’re ready for a revamp? These 12 easy ideas will inspire you to spruce up your space.

Go for the Bold

Your vanity is the visual focal point of any bathroom (and key to your grooming and storage needs), so it deserves to be a truly standout piece. Consider a sleek floating version for a modern, boutique-hotel look, or choose one with a brightly colored finish as an unexpected statement piece in the room.

Get Reflective

Here’s a no-fail way to add instant sparkle to your space: Trade out your tired medicine cabinet for a pair of clean-lined mirrors above your vanity. (The supplies you stored there can find a new home in the cabinet below, in stackable organizers to max out that space.) Keep the room’s look cohesive by opting for mirrors with frames in the same finish as your lighting fixtures and hardware.

Brighten Things Up

Sconces on either side of your medicine cabinet or mirror will illuminate your vanity and mirror area evenly — no unflattering overhead shadows! — and give the bathroom an updated look too. If you want to avoid electrical wiring, go with plug-in versions.

Refresh Your Walls

Want the chic look of tile but not the tricky DIY work that goes with it? Bring in peel-and-stick wallpaper that looks just like tile but takes a lot less time and effort to install. Bonus: It’s a simple element to switch out later if you decide you want to change things up.

Amp Up an Alcove

Retiling an entire bath is a chore — and potentially a hefty expense — but spotlighting a smaller area with a special tile treatment? Way more doable — and a great way to get a custom look. Find step-by-step advice right here.

Try a Little Rustic Charm

Few things warm up a space the way wood elements can. That’s why a vanity, mirror, or storage piece in a wood finish can be the ideal cozy counterpoint to a bathroom’s smooth, cool surfaces (like tile, porcelain, metal, and glass). Just be sure the pieces you pick are finished with a treatment that withstands water exposure.

Freshen Up Your Fixtures

A hardware update is low-hanging fruit — swapping out your old or mismatched towel bars, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, and other fixtures for sleeker styles in the same finish is one of the simplest moves you can make to streamline your space. Tip: Measure your old hardware first so you find replacements that won’t require you to drill new holes.

Elevate the Essentials

Because a bathroom is typically a small space, every element within it is important — and each one contributes to the room's overall aesthetic. That means that upgrading even your most basic accessories, like a trash can or tissue box, can give your space a higher-end vibe. Your best bet? Look for clean-lined pieces that play up your personal style.

Change Up Your Wall Color

White may be the most popular pick for a bathroom, but painting the walls a fun or dramatic color can be a beautiful option too. You’ll want to find a shade that makes both the room and you look good, of course. (Keep in mind: peachy shades are considered universally flattering, while a fresh blue-green can feel invigorating.) The Home Depot’s Project Color App can help you find, and virtually try out, your just-right hue.

Swap Out Your Towels

Even the most striking bathroom comes off as lackluster when the towels are tattered. When in doubt, spring for a fluffy new set in bright white, a soft neutral, or a richly saturated shade – or go with a mix of patterned hand towels and solid bath towels.

Think About the Big Picture(s)

Without framed photographs or prints, a bathroom can feel cold and impersonal. Choose images that make you feel soothed and happy – it’s your sanctuary, after all — and if you’re looking to give a big mix of artwork a cohesive look, hang them in matching frames.

Sprinkle in Some Finishing Touches

A carefully curated grouping of countertop accessories gives your bathroom a polished, pulled-together look. And there’s no need to be a pro at styling a vanity surface — you can't go wrong with a matching set in rich bamboo or sleek ceramic.


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